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Eager to learn more about the inspiration behind FundingHero and what makes us on a mission to help founders realise their dreams? Read on...

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The brave, bold and fearless

To you, our fellow founders, whether you are aspiring to join this illistrious club or have already firmly ingrained that status onto your CV we salute you! The visionaries that want to take on one of the hardest challenges life can throw at them have our immediate respect just for taking this task on and stepping up to the plate!

We’ve always had huge admiration and respect for the entrepreneurs that take on the challenges of starting a business, figuring it out as they go, learning to wear multiple hats each day and inspiring a team around them to realise their vision. It's a wonderful thing to watch first hand. 

High growth rollercoasters

We’ve had the privilege to work with and witness some incredible entrepreneurs who have inspired us and the many around them. We’ve fallen in love with tech startups & high growth businesses.

Endless ambitious plans are made and the wheels set in motion to start a rollercoaster with what feels like no brakes! It makes us get out of bed in the morning with a spring our steps, always on the edge of our comfort zones, tackling problems at speed and with a to-do list that always seems to grow, never getting smaller. Crazy, addictive but undeniably inspiring. 

It's all about the journey

As Steve Jobs reminds us that it's all about the journey not the destination, our journey to date has been fast, full-on and eventful! Prior to FundingHero & getting into the world of Angel investing, we’ve been fortunate to work first hand on over 20 SME acquisitions & integrations, 3 significant exit processes worth over £350m, built & ran six finance functions, raised equity and debt and best of all... worked with an incredible range of startup founders! 

By always being hands on, in the trenches with the team and our sleeves rolled up we know what it takes to fund, start, survive, grow and exit.

Our mission is your success

Unlike Tom Cruise, we’re not going to take on a mission impossible. Our mission, that we have chosen to accept, is to make tech fundraising simple. Hopefully with a few less cuts and bruises than Tom and you still get to save the world on the way! 

Fundraising is too complex and daunting for the majority of founders. Our goal is to provide them with the tools they need to succeed. We should remove barriers, be all inclusive, make the process easier to understand and importantly make it affordable and accessible for many, not the few. 

The worst thing to see & hear is how fundraising mistakes made early on live with the founder and business forever and too often kill their business motivation & momentum dead in its tracks. The biggest issues we see:

- Failing to raise completely
- Raising at the wrong valuation
- Failing to raise completely

Our role is to prevent these issues from happening in the first place. we wanted to create a platform that enables access to simple funding knowledge, funding tools all in one place and an easy to follow framework which guides you through every step of the process to smash those funding targets. 

As the FundingHero journey starts our guiding principles are to:

- Speed up the fundraising process
- Reduce the common fundraising mistakes
- Reduce the stress for founders along the way
- Be an enabler for people to learn for themselves
- Create a lasting benefit for their entrepreneurial journeys
- Create more successful entrepreneurs from all backgrounds

Guiding you to fundraise success

Jim Shirley


CFO & Angel investor

Andy Wier


Accountancy operations