Frequently asked questions

Do you only offer a one off payment?
Yes. Our pricing offers incredible value for money and will save you hours, days or months of time if you use other methods. Alongside this, we can save you thousands or millions in hugely costly mistakes, so as an investment in yours and your companies long term success, it will pay for its self many times over in your entrepreneurial journey.
Are all plans 12 month access?
Yes. Fundraising isn’t an overnight process, so we have created our pricing and plans to match. The fee is a one off access fee which provides you with a full 12 months access whilst preparing and working on your fundraising activities.  
What payment methods do you accept?
We currently accept payment through stripe. Nice and easy. 
Does freemium need a credit card to sign up?
No. You are as free as a bird!
Can I upgrade at anytime?
You are welcome to upgrade at anytime paying the additional amount to the next tier.
Can I downgrade or cancel at anytime?
We can't provide downgrades or refunds. Our pricing is a non refundable access fee giving you up 12 months access.
Do you have a referral scheme for customers?
Yes. Our customers are our biggest brand sponsors, so we want to reward our FundingHero advocates with some exciting incentives for every new customer you successfully introduce;

- 3 successful referrals and £50 cash back
- 5 successful referrals and get £150 cash back
- 10 successful referrals and get your first year fee refunded worth up to £420!

All referral sign ups benefit from a 10% discount with your unique code!

Successful referrals must have paid in full.
Do you have a referral scheme for partners?
Yes. The startup ecosystem is stronger together, so we work with a wide range of like minded partners to help each other grow and support each other. Contact us here.
Will my data be safe?
Absolutely. Your files are stored securely in your own dedicated google drive folder which only you and FundingHero have access to and your other details are securely stored in our secure cloud environment.
What if I have more questions?
Please contact us at and we’ll be glad to help