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Writing a new chapter in fundraising
A new dawn is upon us. With the rise of low code tools the speed of tech startups coming to life is rocketing. This step change means that even more aspiring entrepreneurs need our help. With a step change towards younger aspiring entrepreneurs from all over the world, they have the distinct advantage of being able to create tech platforms in days not months or years. The boundaries of location and education are all being dramatically lowered, fueling this trend faster and faster. 
Accessible fundraising support 
This is incredible. With this step change upon us, the need for more accessible support is mounting. The way that support is needed is constantly evolving, now accessed as needed on demand 24/7 or through quickly connecting with deep domain experts to help them really  stand out in a much bigger crowd. Therefore our goals are aligned;

- Make the fundraising process easier
- Create more investable founders.
- Connect them with the right partners

Together we can propel them to achieve their goals faster, stronger and create more value for them as a collective. 
Expert playbooks
The FundingHero platform provides a breadth of knowledge across our 6 pillars of fundraising to educate and simplify the process for aspiring tech founders. We want to enhance this by building a trusted network of partners with a shared vision & values. Our goal is to combine forces and add specialists who sit within one of our pillars to enhance our founders value and experience. We are building a pool of recognised domain experts to help supercharge aspiring tech startup founders get access to the expert playbooks proven to propel people to the next level. The below is our purpose, benefits & values;
Shared Purpose
- Make fundraising simpler
- Standardise the process
- Reduce the time to raise
- Deliver 10x more in value
- Create better educated founders
Shared Benefits
- We promote each other as trusted partners
- Create a content community where we share or create together
- Co-sponsor events
- Building partnerships our community trust & need
Shared values
- We support tech entrepreneurs from all backgrounds
- We upskill via educational content for our communities 
- Our services provide significant & affordable value
Referral benefits
Please contact us here to arrange a call so we can understand how we can support each other and our founders.
Partner with us
Not for profit
If there are any not for profit organisations or educational authorities that may benefit from our platform then please get in touch with us to understand how we can help each other?
Sponsor a canvas
We provide the ability for specific partners to sponsor relevant canvases in our platform. This gives you the opportunity to be front and centre with your target audience. If this is of interest or you want to find out more then please get in touch with us to understand how we can colloborate here.
Partners we work with are: 
- Startup valuations
- Pitch deck design
- Pitching preparation
- Angel Groups
- Accelerators & incubators
- Crowdfunding
- Early stage Venture Capital
- Family offices
- Debt providers
- Legal support
- Brand & GTM
- Any other early stage tech startup focused operation
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