A good financial model paints a picture for investors and saves 1,000 words. 

Ensure you reflect your journey & ambition
Always be aligned to your target investors needs
Simple presentation to create a lasting impression

Place yourself in the 1% of founders who nail their numbers and reach their fundraising goals.

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Frequent financial failures


Unrealistic revenue growth unsuitable for your target investor

Lose credibility


Big underestimates of costs raising major investor doubts

Appear naive 


A cashflow forecast that requires more luck than judgement

Scare investors


Formula errors that throw doubt into all of your numbers

Erode confidence 

FundingHero can help spare your blushes and avoid very costly mistakes

Modelling made simple

We offer 3 different financial model services

1. DIY - investor ready templates

If you are confident in navigating a spreadsheet yourself then our ready to go templates are for you. With easy to use growth tables, clear metrics, graphs and presented in a summary or detailed view.

Our investor ready financial model includes:

   1.    5 year P&L & Cashflow forecast
   2.    Pitch ready charts
   3.    Clearly laid out assumptions & KPI metrics
   4.    Detailed revenue split monthly by revenue stream
   5.    Use of funds breakdown

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2. Review & support

Our review services have proven to be key in ensuring your model tells the right story for investors. Through the eyes of an investor and to pre-empt questions to expect, we critique your model and numbers giving you the vital feedback & recommendations to hit the mark:

1.   Commercial metrics
Is it easy to map assumptions into revenue?

2.   Revenue
Are your revenue streams clear & viable?

3.   Gross Margin
What costs are there and do they scale?

4.   Salaries
When, who and how much are you capturing?

5.   Overheads
Have you captured all of the expected costs?

6.   Capex
Do your development costs appear sufficient?

7.   Working Capital
Is your WC structure properly thought through?

We work with you to ensure that one of the most
important documents your business has to present
can be done so with complete confidence.

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3. Bespoke model builds

Use our experienced experts to not just create you a model, but to help create your businesses financial, commercial & cashflow model. We will explore the details of your business then advise on the key aspects you need to be aware of and what investors will look for to create a bespoke model for your business. We add value by;

   1.    Advise you how the business may scale over time
   2.    What types of costs are needed and when
   3.    Ensure the story matches the numbers
   4.    Teaching you the key aspects and metrics.

Afterwards you will have the confidence in explaining all the different dimensions, assumptions and sensitivities to investors so they can see you are financially aware and demonstrate that their investment is in safe hands.

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Financials that win investment

1. Don’t make the investor work for answers
2. Make all the information simple & clear
3. Provide financials that deliver your funding
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You have ONE chance to impress! Don't leave it to chance!

Create your investment
ready Financial model now!

Investment ready template

 from £149+ VAT
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Choose from:
B2B SaaS
Marketplace - coming soon
Ecommerce - coming soon
5 year P&L & Cashflow 
Pitch ready charts
Assumptions & KPIs
Detailed & summary revenue & cost model
Use of funds breakdown

Review & Support

 from £499+ VAT
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Our core review covers:
Review commercial metrics
Clear & viable revenue
Gross Margin analysis
Suitable salaries
Working Capital
Also on request:
Specific model questions
Scenario planning
Complex Working capital
Valuation mapping

Bespoke build

 from £999+ VAT
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Our bespoke build covers:
Indepth session to understand all of the areas in the review & support
Bespoke build based on businesses fundamentals
Fully defined requirements prior to creation
Full review session with revision amendments
Personal tutorial to ensure comfort, understanding and to make you investor ready
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