If you are new to fundraising then our platform removes the uncertainty and will guide you through the process step by step.

Create your perfect fundraise plan, save time, reduce stress and secure your early investment.

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Making Fundraising Simple

See how our platform guides you step by step
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1. Personal funding dashboard COMING SOON

If you're looking for a better way to keep track of your fundraise process, FundingHero is the perfect solution.
With our funding dashboard, you can capture your raise amount, valuation and key activities all in one simple place.

Plus, our easy-to-use interface makes it easy to track your progress and ensure that you're on track to reach your fundraising goals.

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2. Simple to use tools

Our easy to use checklists and canvases give you a simple template to complete for each area of your fundraise.

With helpful prompts to ensure you have considered all of the key aspects for your raise and at the same time build a knowledge and deep understanding of each funding task.

No more guesswork or feeling lost during the process. Our tools help to easily prepare you for the task ahead, giving you confidence with investors and impress every time.

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3. Funding knowledge base

When you need it most our knowledge base is always on hand for you. It provides in-depth information accross all 6 fundraising pillars to assist your funding tools and act as a valuable source of reference.

If you need to research any specific areas in more depth then you're only ever a few clicks away from finding the answer and becoming a true FundingHero in no time!

Find your funding answers quickly, easily & in one place.

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4. Models, pitch deck guides, tools & templates

We know the common tools needed for your Fundraise;

- Simple market analysis presenters
- Guides & templates on how to build a killer pitch deck
- Equity dilution calculators, and much more

Founders can spend hours searching for templates & tools on the internet, so look no further!

We’ve got them in one place to make your life simple, saving the stress and hours of online hunting.

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5. Investment trackers

Our valuable investor trackers will keep your raise on track! Our simple to use investor CRM lets you capture your investors, meetings, events and commitments all in one place!

Alongside this we have a large lists of investors to save you hours trying to track down your potential next source of funding or raise assistance and kickstart you campaign:

- Accelerators & Incubators
- Angel groups
- Family offices
- Crowdfunding
- Venture Capital & more....

With hundreds to search through and find your perfect match and save precious time to reach your funding goals quicker.

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Savings too big to measure!

for small budgets

12 months access to over 60 tools
  • Dashboard
  • Investment trackers
  • The range of 6 Pillar canvases
  • Financial model framework
  • Pitch templates
  • Investor lists
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Explore the full list of resources

Platform area
EXPLORE - Freemium tools
Financial model canvas
Clearly explain your financial business model to investors
Pitch deck canvas
Save hours of re-designs with our perfect 1 page pitch deck
Financial model canvas
Clearly explain your financial business model to investors
Pitch deck canvas
Save hours of re-designs with our perfect 1 page pitch deck
Funding tools
Pillar 1. Raise strategy
Raise plan
Plan out your perfect fund raise, guided, step by step
Raise strategy
Create a strategic plan to acquire 10x value than just cash
Raise budget
Avoid surprises with unplanned costs that reduce your raise
Funding timeline
See a clear list & timeline of your important tasks
Pillar 2. Raise & valuation
Raise amount
Remove the guesswork, create a clear & concise raise amount
Demonstrate you know how to value the most valuable asset
Valuation justification
One page to counter any valuation justification questions
Exit headlines
Easily explain ways you may generate a return for investors
Pillar 3. Investment landscape
Funding sources
Understand who is your perfect fit investor type
Finding funding
Understand where to find your perfect fit investor type
SMART funding
10x your raise by adding highly valuable skills and resources
Pillar 4. Investment materials
Financial model check
Avoid difficult questions with a clear financial picture
Commercial model check
Simple, concise & confident commercials to impress investors
Explain the key metrics your business monitors for success
Business plan
Learn the core sections of a good business plan
Pillar 5. Pitching
Pitch preparation
Capture the key pieces of preparation for perfect execution
Pitch delivery
Excite, engage & impress during & after your pitch to impress
Funding communications
Define how you will promote and explain your funding round
Pillar 6. Due Diligence
Corporate & equity
Don't fail the first DD hurdle, have key documents ready
Personal & policies
Show great governance with personnel & policy all in hand
Loans & legal
Understand which important legal doc's investors may need
Financial information
Simple & clear financial information to give investors clarity
Tech register
Allows readers to fully assess your Tech stack
Intellectual property
Critical & important areas to protect your company
Funding library
Pillar 1. Raise strategy
Guides & advice to create your plan, strategy, budget and timeline
Pillar 2. Raise & valuation
Learn the components of valuation and suitable raise amount
Pillar 3. Landscape
Explore the different types of funding types and their requirements
Pillar 4. Materials
Learn how to create your core investor materials
Pillar 5. Pitching
Understand the importance of a well prepared pitch
Pillar 6. Due diligence
Discover the main areas of diligence investors may undertake
PREPARE - Financial tools
Financial statement tools
Revenue definition
Create powerful customer revenue plans for profitability
Direct costs
Discover how your direct costs change as your business scales
Staff costs
Step through departments to see different skills & seniority
Sales & marketing costs
Commission, content & campaigns, capture the material costs
Back office costs
Overlooked, but vital to ensure the day to day running
Software & hardware costs
Capture the key software platforms and computer equipment
Working capital
Avoid the biggest reasons business fail with cash management
Plan your capex wisely to ensure positive return on investment
Balance sheet
General awareness for the key components to be aware of
Market size tools
Market size definition
Simple presentation of TAM, SAM & SOM for investor reference
Market size customers
Turn a top level SOM into relatable customer numbers
Market size revenue
Turn a top level SOM into relatable revenue numbers
Customer mix chart
Pitch deck ready charts for customer mix based on market size
Customer revenue chart
Pitch deck ready charts for customer revenue based on market size
Pitching tools
Persona template
Capture & explain your target audience for investors
One page template
Opening conversation creator with this one page template
Teaser deck template
Short form teaser to create initial investor excitement
Pitch deck template
Create your simple & concise knock out investor deck
Funding trackers
All of your investor contacts  for now or future in one place
Don't miss an investor meeting or any key preparation for it
Track all key events to inject the momentum into your round
Track how your rounds targets are getting closer each day
Commercial tools
Value definition
Capture the long term value through a clear mission & intent
Features ROI
Simple prioritisation to align product & commercial road maps
Dimensions & levers
Key dimensions and levers used to create commercial value
Show a customer the value they get for the price they pay
LTV to CAC Ratio
The most profitable customer doesn't mean the highest paying
Value metric
The metric your customers can relate to & see value in
Pricing strategy
Pricing components of; model, activation and strategy
SaaS pricing template
Visualise & test how to create your powerful pricing page
Investment sources
A curated list of over 300 UK based accelerators
Angel Funds
A curated list of over 50 UK based Angel Funds
Family Offices
A curated list of over 50 UK based Family Offices
Funds, VC & PE
A curated list of over 500 UK based Funds, VC & PE firms
Dilution Calculator
Use our calculator to understand potential equity dilution scenarios