Where to Find Angel Investors Lists for UK Founders
Learn where and how UK founders can access angel investors lists to secure funding and support for their startups. Explore online platforms, angel investor groups, and valuable networking strategies.

Where to Find Angel Investors Lists for UK Founders

As a UK founder with a brilliant business idea or a growing startup in need of capital, one of the most critical steps to turning your dreams into reality is securing funding. While there are various funding options available, attracting angel investors can be a good start to getting investment for your business. Angel investors not only provide financial support but often offer valuable insights, mentorship, and connections to help your venture thrive.

The challenge, however, lies in finding the right angel investors who are not only interested in your industry but also align with your vision and goals. This is where angel investors lists come into play. These lists are databases of potential investors that may provide their contact details, investment thesis, and sometimes, even their past investments.

In this guide, we'll explore where UK founders can find angel investors lists to enhance their fundraising efforts.

1. Online Sources

The internet has revolutionised the way entrepreneurs can find and connect with investors. Numerous online platforms and networks are dedicated to linking startups with angel investors. Some notable options for UK founders include:

AngelList: AngelList is one of the largest and most well-known platforms connecting startups with investors. It provides a comprehensive database of angel investors and venture capital firms, making it an excellent resource for UK founders.

Seedrs: Seedrs is a UK-based equity crowdfunding platform that not only facilitates fundraising but also offers opportunities to connect with individual angel investors. It's a great place to find investors who are interested in early-stage startups.

LinkedIn: While not a dedicated angel investor platform, LinkedIn is a powerful tool for networking. You can use it to search for and connect with potential angel investors, particularly those with a history of investing in startups which may be captured in their profile information.

2. Angel Investor Groups and Associations

Angel investor groups and associations are organisations of high-net-worth individuals who come together to invest in startups. These groups often have extensive networks and can be excellent sources of angel investor lists. Some UK-based angel investor groups include:

UK Business Angels Association (UKBAA): UKBAA is the trade association for angel and early-stage investment in the UK. They have a network of investors, and their website provides valuable resources for founders seeking investment.

Angels Den: Angels Den is both an angel network and an equity crowdfunding platform. It connects entrepreneurs with experienced angel investors who are looking for investment opportunities in the UK.

Angelgroups: angelgroups intelligently match angel investors to ambitious high growth SMEs, across all sectors. They run several pitching sessions a month, where businesses in all sectors, and at various stages along their growth journey pitch for funding and support.

3. Startup Accelerators and Incubators

Startup accelerators and incubators are organisations that support early-stage companies through mentorship, resources, and sometimes, direct investment. Many of these programs have connections with angel investors. Here's how to leverage them:

Techstars: Techstars is a global startup accelerator with a presence in the UK. They provide funding, mentorship, and access to a vast network of investors.

Y Combinator: Although based in the US, Y Combinator has funded several UK startups. If you're accepted into their program, you'll gain access to a network of influential investors.

Local Incubators: Explore local incubators and accelerators in your region. These organisations often have connections to regional angel investors who are interested in supporting local startups.

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4. Online Angel Investor Directories

Several websites and directories specialise in listing angel investors. While some of these directories may require a subscription or payment, they can be valuable resources for finding potential investors. Here are a few to consider:

Angel Investment Network: This platform connects entrepreneurs with a global network of angel investors. It has a dedicated section for the UK, making it easier to find local investors.

allowing you to filter by location and industry preferences.

Crunchbase: Crunchbase is a comprehensive database of startups, investors, and industry trends. While it's not specific to angel investors, you can search for individuals or firms that invest in your sector.

Dealroom.co: With Dealroom, if you are a founder, you can create a free profile on it here. This gives a chance for investors to discover the world's most promising companies. It is a global data platform for intelligence on startups, innovation, high-growth companies, ecosystems and investment strategies.

5. Local Business Networks and Events

Don't underestimate the power of local networking. Attend business events, workshops, and meetups in your area to connect with potential angel investors. You can often find these events through local chambers of commerce, industry associations, or platforms like Meetup.com. Angel investing is all about relationships, so find, connect and build relationships as a priority, rather than just pure requests for cash. 

6. University and Alumni Networks

If you have a connection to a university or college, explore their alumni networks. Graduates who have succeeded in business or investment are bigger supporters of fellow alumni and may be willing to support startups with funding or valuable mentorship.

7. Professional Advisers and Consultants

Lawyers, accountants, and business consultants who specialise in startups often have connections with angel investors. These professionals can introduce you to potential investors or guide you on where to find them.

8. Pitching at Investor Events

Participating in pitching events and competitions can put your startup in front of potential angel investors. Look for startup competitions, demo days, or pitch events in your region or industry.

9. Government and Public Initiatives

In the UK, various government initiatives and grant programs support startups and innovation. Some of these programs connect entrepreneurs with angel investors or offer access to angel investor networks.

10. Investor Relations and Funding Platforms

Consider using funding knowledge platforms like FundingHero. These platforms not only teach you about fundraising, but also get your started with a list of angel groups who are actively seeking investment opportunities in the UK.

While finding the right angel investors for your UK startup may require time and effort, the potential benefits are significant. These investors can provide not only the capital you need but also the guidance and expertise to help your business flourish. As you explore the avenues mentioned above, remember to tailor your pitch to each investor's preferences and interests, increasing your chances of securing the funding you need to take your startup to the next level.

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