The Key to Regular Investment Updates
A lack of communication to those early investors during your round is no way to build a healthy relationship. Read on to learn the negative impacts it can have and how you can prevent them to help with your funding round.

The Key to Regular Investment Updates

Silence speaks 1,000 words!

No calls, No emails, No more texts. 📴

Is it something I said? 🧐

It’s like a cold 🥶 shoulder from a girlfriend.

All of the affection has suddenly vanished now the money 💰 is in and it’s now been months since your commitment and no updates.

This speaks volumes!

It’s not going well. 😳

That happens, not everyone goes at the pace they want.

- Some stall
- Some stutter
- Some grind to an absolute halt 🚦

But you need to communicate.

Let them in, don’t close the door 🚪

If things have slowed then it’s not a weakness, you won’t get shouted at, people want to help.

It’s just a bump in the road 🚧 on a long journey. If you provide regular updates then someone may step in with a useful contact sooner rather than being reactive after months of silence 🤫

If you fail to communicate so early in the relationship then what does that say for if things get really tough, how will you communicate then? Will they be likely to refer you to their network?

Just one call 📞 can change things all around:

- That one stroke of luck 🍀
- That one contact your investor had forgotten about
- That meeting they had last week that prompted them to think they may be able to help you! 🤩

Before your raise

- Create a communication plan

- Set defined update frequencies

- Plan your good news stories for momentum

- Plan internal and external versions

- Commit to it and deliver

Keep your investors informed for a healthy & proactive relationship.

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